Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall.


Terese Burchfield, Chair,, term expires June 30, 2018

John Henshaw, Vice Chair,, term expires June 30, 2019

Jay Simeone, Clerk,, term expires June 30, 2020

Hannah Anderson, Member,, term expires June 30, 2019

George Martin, Member,, term expires June 30, 2019

Mark Luescher, Member,, term expires June 30, 2020.

The Finance Committee is a committee of 7 members appointed for terms of 3 years, each so arranged that the terms of as nearly an equal number of members as is possible shall expire each year.  The members are appointed by a committee consisting of:  1 member of the Board of Selectmen chosen by the BOS; 1 member of the School Committee chosen by the SC; and the Town Moderator.

The Finance Committee has the following duties, in accordance with the Town's Charter, Section 2-1(c):

1.  The Finance Committee shall have the primary responsibility to report to Town Meeting on the proposed budget of the Town Manager and all warrant articles having a fiscal impact on the Town, as more particularly detailed in the Charter, Town Bylaws, and the laws of the Commonwealth; before preparing its final recommendations, the Finance Committee shall hold 1 or more Public Hearings to permit public discussion on the subject matter of the articles contained in the warrant.

2.  After the Town Manager has prepared the budget, the Finance Committee shall consult with the Town Manager and recommend any modifications it deems appropriate before the budget is filed with the Town Clerk.

3.  The Finance Committee shall have all other powers conferred on finance committees by the General Laws.

For information on the Town's financial policies, please refer to the BOS Policies & Procedures link on the Board of Selectmen page.

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