Lunenburg Community Choice Power & Municipal Aggregation

The Lunenburg Community Choice Power Supply Program is a municipal aggregation program.

Under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 164 sec. 134, municipal aggregation enables municipalities to combine the purchasing power of their residents and businesses so that it can provide them with an alternative electricity supply. The Town of Lunenburg, through its energy broker Colonial Power, periodically solicits bids for electricity supply. By aggregating Lunenburg's customers, we are able to secure lower rates for supply than a single customer may be able to do on their own. The rate consumers are charged for supplying services makes up a portion of their electricity bill. This will not affect the delivery portion of your electricity bill and Unitil will continue to deliver your electricity.

Residents and businesses can opt-out or opt-in at any time. The current supply provider that was secured through a competitive bid process is Constellation NewEnergy.

If you have questions related to your electricity bills, you may visit Colonial Power's Website, or contact Colonial Power directly at 508-485-5858. If you are interested in signing an electricity supply agreement on your own, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has extensive information about electricity supply on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Website, or you can shop directly by visiting the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities' Website which was created to assist customers.