Master Plan Steering Committee


The Master Plan Steering Committee and its subcommittees shall establish regular meetings and shall abide by the Massachusetts Open Meetings Law and Town General Bylaws. Meetings will be open to the public and posted with the Town Clerk and in designated spaces. 

In addition to regular meetings, Committee members will be asked to serve on sub‐committees, which will schedule their own meetings and post them with the Land Use Department. 

The Committee members will make every effort to attend community‐wide meetings. 

Adopted by the Planning Board. 

Agenda and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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The Planning Board has designated updating the Master Plan as a priority. The new Master Plan will be used as a guide for the Town of Lunenburg in the areas of land use, economic development, housing, transportation, community services, and capital/facilities planning among others. The development of the Master Plan is a primary statutory function of the Planning Board.  

Over two decades old, the 2002 Lunenburg Master Plan sought to provide recommendations and an implementation plan for addressing the impacts of residential growth including identifying strategies for land use, economic development, natural and cultural resources, housing, transportation, and community services and facilities. In the twenty-one years since, Lunenburg has experienced significant changes in land use and population growth. The updated Master Plan will reflect, among other things, changes to the Zoning Code, current projects, new environmental and other regulatory constraints, and plan for appropriate land uses to support the long and short‐term needs of the community, with a look to retaining the rural nature, agricultural base, and natural character that exist. The concepts of community sustainability and resiliency will be considered throughout the Master Plan and permeate all topic areas. 

The Plan is intended to be a consensus vision of the residents of Lunenburg and all efforts will be made to include as many voices as feasible in its development. Items identified for consideration in the Master Plan update include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Identifying areas for Inclusionary Zoning and other Affordable Housing measures 
  • Examining places for public use spaces and amenities 
  • Identifying sustainable environmental measures 
  • Analyzing the impact of new residential development on the public schools and other Town services
  • Evaluating infrastructure needs for the area
  • Strategizing economic development measures to entice businesses to town, while maintaining its rural feel
  • Expanding economic opportunities for existing and new agricultural uses


The Master Plan Steering Committee advises on the development of the Master Plan document. The Committee also fosters openness and inclusion in the master planning process through dialogue and communication with the consulting team of OverUnder, RKG, Innes Associates, and various stakeholders in the Lunenburg Community. 


The Master Plan will develop a physical and digital document for the Town of Lunenburg that optimally reflects and supports the Community’s priorities and goals. 


The Master Plan Steering Committee is comprised of designated Lunenburg Board and Committee members, and several at‐large community members. The Committee is guided and led by the 

Planning Board, OverUnder/RKG/Innes Associates, the Master Plan Consultants, and the Land Use Department. Membership will be in existence for approximately 18 to 24 months to direct the preparation of the Master Plan. 

The Master Plan Steering Committee shall be convened and charged by the Planning Board. Members will be appointed for the term of the update process. 

The Committee shall consist of 15 voting members, as follows: 

  • One members of the Planning Board, appointed by the Planning Board 
  • One members of the Board of Selectmen, appointed by the Board of Selectmen 
  • One member of the Conservation Commission, appointed by the Conservation Commission 
  • One member of the Council on Aging, appointed by the Council on Aging. 
  • One member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, appointed by the Parks and Recreation Commission 
  • One member of the Lunenburg School Committee, appointed by the Lunenburg School Committee 
  • One member of the Lunenburg Library Trustees appointed by the Lunenburg Library Trustees 
  • One member of the Zoning Board of Appeals, appointed by the Zoning Board of Appeals 
  • One member of the Finance Committee, appointed by the Finance Committee 
  • Six members at large, appointed by the Planning Board 

The Master Plan Steering Committee shall appoint a Chair and Vice Chair to guide its efforts and a Clerk to maintain the record of the Committee. The Master Plan Steering Committee shall appoint subcommittees as it deems necessary to the fulfillment of its duties. 

Final approval of the Master Plan will be subject to the Planning Board upon completion of the document by the consulting team and Master Plan Steering Committee. 

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