Accounts Payable

Invoices - Due by Wednesday at Noon (Unless otherwise arranged) Invoices need to be signed on the original, by the proper person to authorize them. Staple together the following in this order:

  1. Voucher Cover
  2. Original Invoice (If you don't have an original invoice, you need to write why it's not there) Back up to the Invoice (This would be the purchase order, receipts, canceled checks for reimbursement, basically any itemized information from the vendor.) Back up is necessary for auditing purposes, to show proof of itemized purchases. If there is a purchase order for an invoice, it needs to be attached!!! Please paperclip to the back of the invoice, either a "remittance slip," or a "copy of the invoice," to send along to the vendor with the check. (This is extremely important because the vendor needs to know how to credit our accounts properly.) Use the original remittance if there is one, if not make a copy of the invoice which shows our account number and amount due. If there are multiple pages, (i.e. phone bill) only copy the first page. Also, please try to use the vendor's envelope if they supply one.

Voucher Cover:
Attach the cover to the back of the original invoice. The voucher must include the vendor number, account number, purchase order number, and approval signature. Make sure you take a copy of everything you need for your files. Please be aware that any invoices that aren't submitted in this format will not be processed for the specified warrant. They will be deleted and taken out of the batch. Massachusetts General Laws for Municipal Finance require many of these procedures to be followed. Don't hesitate to contact the Accounting Department with questions by telephone Number 978-582-4139 for Town issues or Number 978-582-4157 for School issues.

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