Employee Benefits


All permanent employees working 20 hours or more are eligible to participate in the Town of Lunenburg's benefit programs.

All benefit-eligible employees have the option of enrolling in either an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) or a PPO (Preferred Provider Plan) health insurance plan. Individual and family plans are available. All benefit-eligible employees also have the option of enrolling in the dental insurance program. Individual, Individual + 1, and Family plans are available. The Town also offers a materials-only vision insurance plan.

An employee's health, dental, and vision insurance contributions are deducted biweekly from his/her pay, with the option of having them deducted pre-tax. The premiums are paid one month in advance.

Employees contribute 25% of the health insurance premium, the Town contributes 75%.

Employees contribute 100% of dental insurance and vision insurance premiums.


Employees may enroll in a health insurance plan at the start of their employment. Additionally, open enrollment is held during May to allow employees to enroll in a health insurance plan or change their current plan. All changes become effective July 1. Open enrollment for the dental insurance plan is in May. For dental insurance and vision insurance, changes to your plan or cancellations may only be made during open enrollment.

Enrollment may also occur under a "Qualifying Event".

Enrollment forms are available in the payroll office at the town hall.

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