By-Law Review Committee

The by-law review committee shall consist of the town clerk who shall serve by virtue of office, 2 persons appointed by the town moderator, and 2 persons appointed by the select board. The committee in its final, or in interim report, shall include recommendations for such substantive change in town by-laws as it deems necessary or advisable. Then a review of town by-laws shall be in conjunction with the town council, or by special counsel retained for that purpose. Subsequent to enactment by the town meeting, copies of the revised by-laws shall be forwarded to the attorney general of the commonwealth for approval, and they shall be otherwise published, all as required by General Laws. Copies of the revised by-laws shall be made available for distribution to the public at a charge not to exceed the actual cost, per copy, of reproduction.

By-Law Review - The Select Board shall at 5-year intervals, in each year ending in 5, or in 0, cause to be prepared by a special committee appointed for that purpose, a proposed revision or recodification of all by-laws of the town which shall be presented to the town meeting for a reenactment at the annual town meeting in the year following the year in which the committee is appointed.

Members and Contact Information are to be determined.