Scam Alerts

Worcester County Sheriff's Office

Senior Citizen Alerts

The following are recent scams all seniors should be aware of!

  • Grandma, I Need Money Now Scam
    People in Lunenburg have been getting phone calls from scammers claiming to be a grandchild or relative saying they are out of the country, in trouble, and need money wired to them via Western Union immediately. 
    Don't be fooled, this is a scam. 
    They will ask for thousands of dollars and request that you do not tell anyone about it...that should send off an alarm to you that this is not real. Call the police and report them. The best way not to be fooled is to not send money to anyone without proper identification and credentials. Always check! Call a friend or relative of the person calling who claims to be a relative (regardless of what they ask you to do) and check to see if this person is really in need. Call your local police department immediately and report it to them if you think you have been scammed.
  • Landscaper Scam
    If people come to your door claiming to be landscapers with no truck, no tools, no identification, no matter how good the price. 
    Do not let them into your home!
    Recently people have been targeted in the area. Only use reputable landscapers with references.

Other Scams

  • Elders are receiving phone calls or are contacted by so-called Lottery Officials and Canadian Bank persons. Often a person is told they have won the lottery or prizes. The individual is asked to send monies in order to receive the prize. If anyone contacts you and says you need to send money to receive a prize that you have won. This is a scam.
  • Another scam is a company offering you $1000 to fill out a survey. The survey is extensive and asks for personal information including medical facts. They use this to steal identities and you will never see the $1000.
  • The Attorney General's Office has advised the Lunenburg Police of a phone scam involving a caller misrepresenting him/herself as a representative from Medicare checking on account information and victims are giving their social security Number and personal information to them. This is a scam.
  • A local resident received a letter from a person claiming to be a "personal account officer" of an alleged family member who was an oil contractor with the Gamian oil corporation in the Republic of Gambia. the "late" relative allegedly left $6.5 million in his "branch" and if not claimed by next of kin would will be returned to the Republic of Gambia! The scammer would be willing to split the money 50/50 if an arrangement could be made! This is a scam.

No matter who contacts you keep these in mind:

  1. Never give out or confirm your personal information over the phone, especially to people you do not know.
  2. You never need to pay a fee, taxes, etc if you've won a prize or the lottery (those for the real lottery are usually deducted from the winnings)
  3. Always check mailings that look official with the actual organization.
  4. Remember the old adage "If it looks too good to be true it probably is"

Stay Alert! If you are concerned or have any questions, please call the Lunenburg Police Department at 978-582-4150.