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The Lunenburg Police Department recognizes the need for safe and efficient pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow at work sites. We also recognize that at special events and other times, officers may be required to provide crowd control and security. In order to address these needs, the Department allows officers to work assigned paid details in addition to their scheduled tours of duty.

Details need to be requested at least 48 hours in advance. All requests shall be submitted through the web form below except for emergency details which can be requested directly through the station by calling 978-582-4531.

Please review the following before requesting a police detail

  • Hourly Rate $60.5197
  • 4 Hour Minimum $242.08
  • 8 Hour Minimum* $484.16
  • *Any officer working a detail more than 4 hours, but less than 8 hours, shall be paid for 8 hours
  • Details in excess of 8 hours will be paid a rate of time and one half after the initial 8 hours
  • An administration fee of 10% will be paid to the Town by the detail requestor
  • There shall be a minimum 2-Hour Cancellation notice for all private detail work. Failure to notify will result in payment of the 4 hour minimum.
  • Cruiser fee, if requested
  • 4 Hour Minimum $25.00
  • Over 4 Hours $50.00
  • The Lunenburg Police Department reserves the right to require payment in advance

By clicking the Detail Request link below you acknowledge that you have read and accept the terms listed above.

Police Detail Request Form

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