Firearms Licensing

LTC/FID Information

Firearms Identification Cards (FID) and Licenses to Carry (LTC) are processed by appointment only. There are two appointment slots available per day Tuesday through Friday at 10 am and 1 pm. Please Request an Appointment or call 978-582-4531 between the hours of 7 am - 3 pm. Monday through Friday.

Due to the high volume of applications, appointments are usually booked at least one month out.

Requirements For Application For a License to Carry Firearms

The applicant must be at least 21 years of age, a resident of the Town of Lunenburg, and a citizen or permanent resident alien, or a business owner in the Town of Lunenburg.

The applicant must submit a completed application, and a copy of their birth certificate, naturalization papers, or permanent resident card, whichever is applicable.

The applicant must submit three signed letters of recommendation. The recommendation must come from a responsible person (no relatives, no Lunenburg police officers). The letter must state you are a fit person to possess a firearm.

If you have appeared in court for any criminal offense, or if you were the subject of a 209A  restraining order, you may be required to obtain and submit copies of police reports, 209A affidavits, and court documents.

The application must submit a fully initialed and signed information on question number 4 waiver. When completing your application, pay close attention to question number 4. Please understand that the question "Have you ever appeared in any court as a defendant" includes all adult and juvenile appearances. It does not matter when you appeared or if the charges were dismissed, continued without a finding, or any other disposition. You must write it down. You are signing the application under the penalties of perjury. You can be denied a license and could face court prosecution for perjury if not answered truthfully.

The license fee is $100 payable by check or money order (made out to the Town of Lunenburg) (non-refundable).

Prior to your appointment date, you must attend a state-certified firearms safety course.

Requirements For Application For a Firearms Identification Card

  • A completed application
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or Naturalization Papers/Passport. For an FID, the minimum age requirement is 15 years of age, and must be accompanied by a legal guardian up until the age of 18
  • Firearms Safety Certificate
  • Massachusetts Driver's License or Mass ID with current address
  • One-hundred-dollar ($100) application fee (non-refundable)
  • Twenty-five dollar ($25) application fee for applicants ages 15 to 17
  • All Non-Resident and Resident Alien Permits are issued through the Firearms Record Bureau. For more information please call 617-660-4780

Massachusetts LTC/FID Disqualifiers

Crimes Against The Person

  • Assault
  • Assault & Battery
  • Assault & Battery on Public Employee
  • Assault & Battery on Ambulance Personnel
  • Permitting Injury to a Child
  • Gross Negligence by Common Carrier
  • Assault & Battery/Property Damage to Intimidate
  • Causing Injury in a Physical Exercise Program
  • Resisting Arrest

Crimes Against Property

  • Failure to Report Hotel Fire
  • Larceny from Common Carrier/Business
  • Larceny Under $250 from Elder/Disabled Person
  • Shoplifting over $250
  • Falsely Obtaining Commercial Computer Service
  • Receipt of Deposit by Insolvent Bank
  • Receiving Stolen Property Under $250
  • False Statement to Motor Vehicle Insurer
  • Obstruction of Medical Facility - Subsequent Offense
  • Wanton Destruction of Property over $250
  • Destruction of Church/School Property
  • Destruction Jail Property

Motor Vehicle Offenses

  • Operating After Suspension for OUI/Motor Vehicle Homicide
  • OUI Alcohol
  • Motor Vehicle Homicide while OUI or while Operating to Endanger
  • OUI with Serious Bodily Injury
  • OUI on a Vessel
  • OUI on a Vessel with Serious Bodily Injury
  • Homicide by Vessel while OUI or while Operating to Endanger

Note: OUI Conviction disqualifier for LTC - May 27, 1994

OUI Conviction Automatic Disqualifier for License to Carry Firearm

The 1999 firearms law now automatically disqualifies anyone from obtaining a license to carry (LTC) a firearm on the basis of a misdemeanor conviction which carries a penalty of more than two years. Therefore, anyone convicted of OUI will fall into this category. See c140§131. However, OUI only became a 2 1/2 year misdemeanor effective May 27, 1994. Prior to that, it was only a 2-year misdemeanor. Therefore, anyone convicted of OUI prior to that date will not automatically be disqualified.

In order to be eligible to receive a new or to renew an LTC, an applicant must be deemed by the chief of police to be a suitable person. The chief considers factors such as the applicant's reputation in the community, his/her involvement in criminal activities that did not lead to an arrest or conviction, association with known criminals, etc. In addition, the following statutory restrictions affect an applicant's suitability:

  • The applicant was convicted or adjudicated as a youthful offender anywhere for:
    • Commission of a felony or misdemeanor with a sentence greater than two years
    • Commission of a violent crime
    • Violation of any firearms law punishable by imprisonment
    • Violation of any narcotics law
  • The applicant has been committed to an institution for mental illness or for alcohol or substance abuse
  • The applicant is under the age 21
  • The applicant is an alien of the United States
  • The applicant is subject to any Chapter 209A protective order in Massachusetts or similar domestic violence stay-away order in another state
  • The applicant is subject to an outstanding arrest warrant
  • The applicant was convicted of a misdemeanor offense punishable by imprisonment for more than two years
  • The applicant was convicted of a violent crime
  • The applicant was convicted of a felony
  • Pursuant to Chapter 140 section 129B of the Massachusetts General Laws, the Chief of Police may not deny an applicant's request for a FID Card unless he/she is subject to one of the statutory disqualifications listed above.

Massachusetts Gun Transaction Portal

Important notice - Massachusetts law now requires all firearms license holders and gun owners to report all personal sales, transfers, and surrenders of firearms through the Massachusetts gun transaction portal. Paper FA-10 forms will no longer be accepted for the above purposes.

Mass Gun Portal

Questions about the new portal should be directed to the Massachusetts Department of criminal justice information services at 617-660-4782.

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