Lunenburg 300th Anniversary Committee



The year 2028 will mark the 300th Anniversary of the incorporation of the Town of Lunenburg. In order to recognize and celebrate Lunenburg's Tricentennial, the residents of Lunenburg, by Town Meeting vote of May 7, 2022, authorized and established a steering committee, subsequently designated the "Lunenburg 300th Anniversary Committee," and hereinafter referred to as "the Committee."

The Committee shall be comprised of no greater than 11 members, each of whom shall be appointed by the Select Board for a term to begin on the date of appointment and terminate when, as determined by a vote of the Select Board, the Committee has discharged all of its defined functions and is dissolved. As a body, the Committee shall:

  1. Develop a celebratory plan including a timeline, proposed events, publicity plan, volunteer roster, funding requirements, and funding sources.
  2. Coordinate with other entities and officials within the Town government, including the police chief, fire chief, DPW director, historical commission, and superintendent of schools, in order to facilitate safety and maximize resident participation.
  3. Solicit, evaluate, and generate recommendations as to how the Town should manage the commemoration of its tricentennial, and the celebration of its rich history.
  4. Oversee subcommittees established for specified purposes, and supervise and assist these subcommittees in their functions.
  5. Recruit, organize, task, and oversee volunteers from among the townspeople in furtherance of the overall celebration and the execution of specific functions of the Committee and/or its subcommittees.
  6. Plan, coordinate, manage, sponsored, and implement commemorative events including, but not limited to, recreational and educational activities and social/cultural gatherings intended to enhance the townspeople's awareness and appreciation for the history of the Town and the contributions that its residents have made locally and nationally to various fields of human endeavor including, for example, architecture, arts, civil rights, government, engineering, environmental protection, industry, invention, law, literature, medicine, the military, politics, public policy, public safety, and science.
  7. Encourage through effective communication and outreach maximum inclusion, attendance, and participation by the townspeople in events and celebrations.
  8. Partner with local businesses and community organizations to develop events that appeal to all ages and encourage maximum participation by town residents.

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